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What are the hidden dangers of water purifiers?

Release date:2022-10-28 17:21:28
As we all know, the home water purifier is mainly purified by the filter element. In the core accessories of the water purifier, most merchants will recommend that the replacement cycle of the reverse osmosis membrane filter element is 1-2 years, and the replacement cycle of activated carbon and PP cotton is 6-12 months. However, the actual situation is that the water purifiers of many families are operated by overdue.
The hidden dangers brought by the filter element of the superior operation are even greater.
Seres water dispenser
The over -date use of reverse osmosis membrane filter element or ultrafiltration film filter will bring a significant decline in purification efficiency, and PP cotton and activated carbon can release adsorbing debris and bacteria into drinking water again.
Since the water purifier is not a market with strong technical barriers, most water purifiers on the market use ultrafiltration technology or reverse osmosis technology, and these technologies are not owned by a company or country. barrier.
The lower assembly cost has pushed the profit level of the product to a certain extent. As a result, the number of players in many water purifier industries has expanded rapidly, and standardized tool -type products have allowed players to enter homogeneous Competitive stage.
It can be said that the current global water purification demand is going through the rise from "practical" to "quality". In the future, purification products will pay more attention to technological innovation.
Benefiting from the vigorous development of the Internet of Things technology, smart water purifiers have now emerged in the market.
In addition, in the moment when the Internet of Things technology is gradually mature, the "ecological water" battlefield constructed with multiple water purification technology is coming soon.

Seres has more than 10 years experiences in the filed of water treatment in China. We are focus on the filed of water treatment and will always pay attention to the upgrade of technology.

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