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What do you know about the carbon filter in the water dispenser

Release date:2022-10-14 10:25:59

What do you know about the carbon filter in the water dispenser

The water purifier is one of the common home appliances in our family, and it is now more and more popular.
Activated carbon is including powder carbon and granular carbon, and its operation mode and equipment are different.
(1) Powdered carbon. For the adsorption treatment of powdered carbon for drinking water, powdered carbon is first prepared into carbon slurry, which is continuously added with water, and the deionized water equipment is gravity separated from the water after adsorption. Powdered carbon adsorption treatment can be combined with other treatment processes. For example, in water supply treatment, powdered carbon is generally added together with coagulant and settled and separated together with alum in the sedimentation tank. The effluent concentration is determined by carbon dosage and adsorption capacity.
The advantages of powdered carbon adsorption are: except for the dosing system, no additional treatment structures can be added; It can be used as a supplement and emergency system for deterioration of source water quality. The disadvantages are that the adsorption capacity of the carbon is not effectively exerted because the carbon in the powder carbon adsorption is in equilibrium with the concentration of the effluent; Powdered carbon is difficult to recycle and is disposable. Although the price of powdered carbon is lower than that of granular carbon, the treatment cost is not low.
① Handling method. Granular carbon adsorption is in the form of granular carbon filtration. According to the flow direction of water in the carbon layer, it can be divided into downflow type and upflow type.
According to the theory of activated carbon adsorption process, the carbon layer in the carbon bed is divided into three parts: saturated layer, adsorbed layer and non working layer. Take the downflow type as an example. With the increase of adsorption operation time, the inlet water first contacts the upper carbon, and the adsorbate is adsorbed in the adsorption zone, so that the upper saturated layer is continuously thickened, and the adsorption zone moves downward gradually
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