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With the rapid development of industrialization, although it has brought unusual changes to our lives, it has also caused pollution to the environment, especially water pollution. However, our human life is inseparable from water, so the safety of living water and drinking water is constantly being raised, hoping to use water and drinking water safely. As a water trea...[Detailed]


Home water purifiers are small water treatment equipment for deep purification treatment of tap water. The system composed of one or several drinking water treatment internal cores can improve water quality. Remnant chlorine, sediment, rust, microorganisms, etc., that is, purify water quality. The core of its technology is the filter membrane in the filter element dev...[Detailed]

What exactly is the purification of the water ...

At present, basic drinking water safety can be guaranteed. In general, the purpose of using a water purifier is to get direct drinking water. But in fact, ultrafiltration water purifiers do not meet this condition. Ultrafilled water purifiers can only simply remove rust, sediment, colloids, bacteria and other debris in water. Direct drinking water must use RO reverse ...[Detailed]

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