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As we all know, the home water purifier is mainly purified by the filter element. In the core accessories of the water purifier, most merchants will recommend that the replacement cycle of the reverse osmosis membrane filter element is 1-2 years, and the replacement cycle of activated carbon and PP cotton is 6-12 months. However, the actual situation is that the water...[Detailed]

What benefits do Seres water purifiers bring t...

The benefits of the water purifier to our health are actually much better than the promotional effect. So, what benefits can the water purifier bring for us. Check below information: 1. Can remove all organic, inorganic pollutants (such as: sand, red threads in water, rust, etc.) 2. Keep and increase the number of trace yuan in the water, which is good for health 3....[Detailed]

Seres water treatment and household appliances

Foshan Seres Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. After years of development, it has become a professional technical enterprise integrating independent research and development, production of water purifiers, energy water heaters, household and commercial R/O water purifiers, and various household appliances. The company is committed to the research, development and applica...[Detailed]

What do you know about the carbon filter in th...

The water purifier is one of the common home appliances in our family, and it is now more and more popular. Activated carbon is including powder carbon and granular carbon, and its operation mode and equipment are different. (1) Powdered carbon. For the adsorption treatment of powdered carbon for drinking water, powdered carbon is first prepared into carbon slurry, wh...[Detailed]

Water treatment equipment to identify and trea...

a. For non carcinogens, there is an obvious dose response relationship between their toxic effects. When they are lower than a certain dose level, they will not cause harmful effects. This dose is called "threshold". Water treatment equipment is calculated based on daily tolerable intake (TDI) when establishing limits for these chemicals. b. Tolerable daily ...[Detailed]

Test methods for water treatment equipment

Test methods for water treatment equipment (1) Test substance. The test substance should be dissolved or suspended in an appropriate medium. It is recommended that water be the first choice, followed by vegetable oil (such as corn oil), and other media (such as carboxymethyl cellulose, gelatin, starch, etc.) be considered again. For nonaqueous solution medium, its tox...[Detailed]

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