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At present, there are many brands of water purifiers in the market, with complex concepts, ranging from hundreds to thousands. Are the functions of ordinary water purifiers so different? Many consumers are confused when choosing. For this reason, the Market Supervision Bureau recently issued a reminder to remind consumers to avoid four misconceptions when choosing wat...[Detailed]


The epidemic has gradually retreated, and consumers attention to health and comfort has reached unprecedented heights. It has proposed a new round of challenges and opportunities for home water -related products such as water heaters and water purifiers.Water is the most indispensable part of a persons life. From drinking water to daily cleaning, to bathing, peoples l...[Detailed]


RO reverse osmosis is a technology that has been extended from the industrial and chemical fields to the household field with the wider use of semi-permeable membranes. RO reverse osmosis water purifier that produces wastewater. The main difference between the two is that the latter has the ability to purify water further through the application of RO reverse osmosis ...[Detailed]

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